Playing Masters Footy

AFL MASTERS is football that is designed to allow mature players the opportunity to participate safely in our great game of Australian Rules Football and to compete with similarly aged players. The opportunity to participate, to compete, to be physically active, healthy and fit is the main motivation of the players in our competition. Winning is not important with our games being played in the spirit of “FOOTBALL FOR KICKS” with the social interaction between all teams and players promoted as an important feature of our organisation. AFL MASTERS WA operates community based games for players aged 35 and over in the Metropolitan area as follows:

Supers: 35 years and over
Masters: 40 years and over
Seniors: 45 years and over
Super Seniors: 50 years and over (no Super Seniors at the Whalers)

Players can play in divisions that are below their age but cannot play in divisions above their age. e.g a player that is 45 and over can play in any or all of the 3 divisions, a player that is 40 – 45 can play in Supers and/or Masters, a player that is 35 – 40 can play only in Supers. In the Country zones there is just the one division catering for all the age groups with special “tackling” rules applicable to players over 45.

Source: AFL Masters WA